Symptoms and Signs of Infertility

The symptoms and signs of infertility may not be noticed right away, but there are some signs to look for that may affect your ability to get pregnant.

The facts are that there are a large number of women of childbearing age who suffer from some sort of infertility. Many women show symptoms of infertility and other women do not know there is a problem until they start trying to conceive. With the many different types of infertility, the signs and symptoms range from woman to woman and affects the relationship with their partner.

It is a good plan when a couple starts trying to conceive to set a time limit. Give it three or six months or even a year. If pregnancy has not been achieved at the end of that time, a visit to the doctor is merited. Actively trying means that the couple is having unprotected sex at least three times a week all month.

Signs of Infertility

negative pregnacy testAn appointment should be made with their primary care physician or if they see an OBGYN for yearly visits, make the appointment with them. Once seen the doctor may refer to a fertility specialist if they suspect infertility. The biggest sign of infertility is an irregular menstrual cycle.  However an irregular cycle doesn’t always mean infertility.

Other signs of infertility can be weight issues, being over or under weight isn’t healthy and can affect the reproductive cycle. Weight issues cause nutritional problems and hormone imbalances that can result in infertility.

Substance and alcohol abuse can also lead to symptoms of infertility. Although these are causes of infertility rather then signs of infertility because they can make a woman unable to conceive. Frequent use of drugs (illegal) will harm the body and affect the way the body functions. Abusing these drugs can cause infertility or the inability to carry a healthy baby to term.

Men can have infertility too. Anatomic or physical problems may be signs of infertility in men. Testicles that haven’t ascended won’t function correctly. Outside factors can also cause male factor infertility. Wearing clothing that is too tight or exposure to too much heat from the sun or in hot tubs are very unhealthy towards the ability to product sperm.

Some of the signs of infertility in women and men are the same. Both men and women can have an inability to produce offspring through weight problems like obesity or due to substance abuse. Just as a woman may can become pregnant but may not can carry a pregnancy, the man’s body can also malfunction and they may not produce enough sperm for conception to happen.

Timing is Everything

It’s important when trying to conceive that the couple does everything possible to insure the best chances of conception actually happening. Timing is everything, so making sure that sexual intercourse is had several days prior and leading up to that day is very important. There are several ways to track the ovulation cycle. Ovulation predictor kits can be purchased from most discount stores and pharmacies. Charting the fertility signs is an excellent way to find out if ovulation is happening and even nailing the exact day it happens.

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