What are the requirements for contraceptive pills for women? The main task is the direct appointment and minimization of the risk of pregnancy, up to 99%. Naturally, the drug must be safe for the entire female body, including the reproductive system. Affordability is also an important factor. Most modern hormonal preparations including fulfill similar requirements.

In Europe, about half of all women of reproductive age use hormonal contraception. In Russia, the indicators are much lower and amount to 10-15% of women, in large cities about 35% 2.

However, pregnancies do occur with contraceptive pills. The main reasons are associated with improper use of drugs or neglect of instructions for use:

gaps in admission or expired drug expiration date;
combination with drugs that reduce the contraceptive effect;
the inability to assimilate the drug, for example, in case of poisoning and vomiting;
irrational choice of oral contraceptives (contraceptive pills may have a different scheme and method of action).
If an unwanted pregnancy has occurred, then taking oral contraceptives (OC) should be discontinued. Not all, but some drugs can have a negative effect on the fetus from the first days of life.

Oral contraceptives have a number of undeniable benefits:

the effectiveness of protection against unwanted pregnancy is almost 100%;
can be taken at any reproductive age;the ability to bear children is not lost and is fully restored some time after the drug is discontinued;
has some cosmetic effect: the manifestations of acne and seborrhea are reduced, the severity of hirsutism (excess body hair growth) is reduced.
Modern types of COCs are effective prevention of diseases associated with menstrual irregularities and reduce the risks of developing the following diseases2:

ovarian cancer;
Iron-deficiency anemia;
uterine fibroids;
benign breast diseases;
endometriosis and many others.

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