Infertility Insurance Coverage

Did you know that there is supplemental infertility insurance coverage for couples to allow for fertility treatments needed without going bankrupt?  It is actually affordable.

Infertility means that the dream of becoming parents has to be put on hold until other options are found to help eliminate the problem. There are many options available these days for the infertile couple. Unfortunately though the cost of most treatments are great and this is a huge stumbling block for many.

Fertility Treatments are Not Cheap

infertility treatmentsThere are several different fertility treatments available to couples but the costs are very expensive. While IFV is a very good option, it’s not inexpensive. In fact one treatment can cost upwards of $5,000 or more. The medications prescribed during treatment can cost just as much. Many patients have to undergo several treatments before receiving a successful pregnancy. Sadly a lot of couples find they do not have the funds or insurance to cover this.

Luckily there is supplemental infertility insurance coverage for couples that will give them the treatments they need without going bankrupt. This type of insurance is actually fairly affordable. They need to check to see if their existing insurance company offers it. Be sure to find out exactly what it covers and if it’s something that they can work with. For a monthly premium, insurance providers will supply you with a plan that will cover a range of fertility treatments. Most will cover the initial diagnostic tests and artificial or intra-uterine insemination. Some will cover other types of invasive fertility treatments such as laparoscopic surgery and IVF. Normally, infertility insurance plans cover the most inexpensive treatment that will most likely work for the couple. Some policies will only cover treatments for a certain period of time, like 5 IVF treatments. Normally donor eggs and sperm are not covered.

Types of Infertility Insurance

There are three different types of infertility insurance.

  • First there is standard health insurance. With this policy you pay a monthly fee premium for fertility treatments. Some will offer refunds on this as well.
  • Refund programs require you to pay upfront for your fertility treatments. These work by offering a 70-100% refund if conception doesn’t occur.
  • The other type of infertility insurance is financing. The couple can take out a loan to cover the infertility procedures. Again, if conception doesn’t occur there is no need to pay these back in full.

Unfortunately, not every couple is able to get infertility insurance. Qualifications vary from carrier to carrier. A lot will require that an existing policy be in place. Some have age limits. Some have time limits where you need to show proof that you’ve been struggling with infertility for a certain number of years first. Some require the policy be in place a year before benefits kick in.

Qualifications aside, for each company requires different things, infertility insurance is a good thing. For a lot of couples it helps them to realize their dream of becoming parents. With infertility insurance, couples are able to become pregnant without breaking the bank.

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Financing Infertility Treatment

If infertility has been diagnosed and you are in need of further costly treatments you may be interested in financing infertility treatments. There are basically four options when it comes to financing programs.

Financing IVF Procedures

ivf treatmentCouples can obtain an unsecured loan to cover the costs of in-vitro fertilization procedures and medications. The medications alone can account for upwards of thirty percent of the total cost of IVF.
Some of the loan companies may also offer a refund program along with the loan if the procedure a live birth at the end.

Health Insurance Policy

Some policies will cover part or all of in-vitro fertilization. Some will cover up to a certain number of attempts and / or medications. Refer to the carrier(s) for more information about infertility coverage.

Inexpensive IVF Treatments

IVF treatments can be given at a lower cost in some out of country (USA) clinics. Some clinics within the USA may offer inexpensive or discounted IVF treatments. Sometimes you may can find an IVF research program and sign up. Often these cover most all the costs of IVF.

Refund Programs for IVF (In-vitro fertilization)

This program works for those who have the finances to begin treatments. Depending on the program you are allowed a certain number of IVF cycles where the treatments are given to hopefully produce a healthy pregnancy. The refund comes in if the cycles are a bust, if the result ends with no pregnancy. Normally they consider a miscarriage with IVF to be a bust. Refunds are only offered if there are no live births.

The refund amount depends on the company you are with. Some will refund all while others will refund a percentage.
Refund programs come with certain conditions. There are age limits. Some are required to pay ahead for a certain number of attempts. Some require a failure of up to three or more cycles before offering the refund.


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