Best Progesterone Cream: Natural vs. Synthetic Treatments

Looking for the best progesterone cream to treat infertility?  If you are considering hormone therapy for any reason, you have to educate yourself on the differences between natural progesterone and synthetic progesterone. If you need to supplement your body with estrogen, you will likely have to take progesterone as well, since taking estrogen alone can increase your chance of developing breast cancer. Many women go on whatever hormones their doctors suggest without thinking much about it…until the side effects kick in. That is when most start questioning what they are really putting into their body.

Watch Out for Side Effects

natural progesterone creamThose experiencing these negative side effects happen to be those taking synthetic progesterone hormones. This is the first big difference between natural and synthetic progesterone: natural hormones are not known to cause any unpleasant side effects in the woman’s body, but synthetic hormones have a long list of potential side effects.

In fact, some women are so uncomfortable on synthetic hormone programs that they would rather go off the program and live with the discomforts they had prior to hormone therapy! For many, going on natural progesterone is the answer to relieving the problems experienced prior to hormone therapy and the side effects of the synthetic hormones.

The reason natural progesterone is easier on the body comes down to how it is produced. Natural hormones are produced inside the female body, but synthetic hormones usually come from the urine of mares. Synthetic hormones come from another animal, which is probably why they cause so many unpleasant side effects in women who take them.

Why Women Choose Natural Progesterone Creams

Many women do not like the idea of using a synthetic hormone that was actually produced from the urine of another animal, but others are not aware of what they are putting in their body until they start experiencing the negative side effects and question their doctor about what the synthetic hormones are actually made of. This is when many women decide to either quit hormone replacement therapy completely, or oft for a natural progesterone product.

There are some women who can take synthetic progesterone products with reasonable or controllable side effects, but there are many others who have extremely negative experiences with synthetic products. This is why the use of natural progesterone products is being advocated by many people today.

Many are now objecting to synthetic hormones due to charges of animal cruelty in the manufacturing of these hormones as well. Many object to the treatment of the mares used for their urine. This has led to a movement of boycotting synthetic products because of the living conditions forced upon these animals.

The Bottom Line

In the end, every woman has to educate herself and decide where she stands on this issue. The most important difference between natural and synthetic progesterone is the potential side effects of each. While most women experience no uncomfortable side effects from taking natural progesterone hormones, those who take synthetic progesterone hormones are very likely to experience some discomfort as a result of the unnatural form of hormones.

Some women may try synthetic hormones at first, often because they can get them for less financial cost. In the end, many will quit their program and give up on hormones altogether. Many others will see their doctors and gets witched onto a natural progesterone program.

Every woman has to decide what is right for their body when it comes to selecting hormone treatments. The help of a doctor is useful, but women should educate themselves first.


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